Nova Zelândia estreia na fase decisiva das Eliminatórias da Oceania

Gazeta Press - Rio de Janeiro,RJ

11-11-2016 08:37:13

Home favorite on the continent, New Zealand debut in the decisive phase of the qualifiers from Oceania to the World Cup 2018, which will be held in Russia in the early hours Friday to Saturday at midnight (GMT), when receiving the New Caledonia at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland in Group A, which also includes Fiji, who play in the opening round.

Since Australia left Oceania to compete for and now operates in Asia, New Zealand has become the main force of the continent and has everything to win these qualifiers



In Group B, at 4 pm (GMT) on Saturday morning to Sunday, Solomon Islands receive Tahiti for the second round. The two teams also faced each other in the opening round and Tahiti won by 1 to 0. In this key, who is off Papua New Guinea.

By regulation, the teams face within their groups, in turn and returno, the system of consecutive points. The winner of each key qualify for the "final" qualifier. The winner will play a spot in the World Cup against the fifth place in the South American qualifiers. Oceania, for not having top teams, has a direct spot in the World. The countries of the continent are working politically to change this reality in future competitions.

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